Mesh Banner



Premium 12 ounce mesh vinyl banners include a 90 to 10 airflow / visibility ratio! This superior heavy duty 12 oz. mesh vinyl material is manufactured by intertwining weaved vinyl into an unprecedented 2,520 x 2,520 durable denier reinforcement to ensure the strength of this mesh is well suited for high resolution outdoor displays.The 90/10 weave means that 90% of the banner’s mesh material is used for printing to ensure exceptional print resolution quality, while 10% of the banner is made up of tiny porous holes for easily allowing outdoor winds to pass through the banner’s surface.

12oz Mesh Banner Print Specifications

Printed at 600dpi using quality UV inks to provide bright vivid colors, our 12 ounce 90/10 visibility to airflow mesh material is the preferred choice for making high resolution outdoor banners for a variety of outdoor signage applications such as large stadium displays, oversized building banners, stand alone stage backdrops, free standing outdoor concert banners, or used to hide building scaffolding or unsightly construction.

Mesh Banner Graphic Recommendations

Although we suggest using larger graphics and simpler messages in any effective outdoor banner’s message, the 12 oz. mesh material with its 90/10 print surface to wind pass through ratio is more forgiving on printed graphics than the lesser rated mesh sign material on the market.


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